We're Two Agency Owners in our Early 20's Making Mid-6 Figures Per Year, and we'll show you how to do the exact same thing.

Since you’ve clicked onto this page, we’ve started a timer...

In 90 days from now, it’s extremely likely that you could be earning anywhere between $15-$50K per month with an agency model, and it’s contingent on the following requirements:

1. You have a basic understanding of a skill that can be fulfilled at scale
2. You have a laptop with an internet connection
3. You read all the way to the bottom of this page

In early 2020, the two founders of Cashflow Syndicate were doing completely different things.

David was a top 3 salesman in the financial sector, selling loans to SMBs.Mason was waiting tables at a restaurant, taking orders from 9-year-olds and serving up between 50-200 caesar salads a night.In the time span of 12 months, we’ve built our own agencies serving companies in multiple different verticals, each earning an income that would place them in the top 1% of America.We believe that the agency model is the easiest to build and scale in 2021.When compared to all of the different ways that young people can earn an above-average income, the agency model is almost always superior.Dropshipping/e-commerce can drive a ton of revenue, but very few brands are profitable.It’s not uncommon to see a net profit margin below 10%.You could be driving $100K in sales per month, and only get to keep $8000 a month.Affiliate Marketing can offer great margins, but it’s nearly impossible to scale beyond $10K a month without buying traffic or owning a large list of qualified buyers.

Here’s the reality when growing an agency:

We Don't Want You to Make $10,000 a Month.

This amount of money is not financial freedom. In fact, it’s just the beginning.The only reason $10K a month is an important number is because you’ve successfully validated your idea.If you can get to $10K, you can get to $50K.If you can get to $50K, you can get to $100K.By writing down what we’re about to teach you inside Cashflow Syndicate, there’s no reason you can’t grow your agency to a number that’ll have you earning a top 1% income.

Can you achieve that without our advice? Absolutely.

Hell, we both bootstrapped our agencies with hardly any help.We took courses and spent money on resources from experts, but 90% of what we’ve learned is from experience.We’re going to be sharing that experience in the form of:

  • Weekly modules

  • Live Q & A sessions

  • An active, useful group chat

  • Interviews with other high-level agency founders

All for $12 per week, or $44 per month.

We hate to make the corny ass comparison to your “Starbucks coffee”, but we’re gonna do it anyway.If you buy Starbucks every day before work, you’re spending about $17.50 a week.And Starbucks coffee is GOOD…But hanging out with agency owners in their early 20s and getting actionable advice that’ll bring you to $30K a month and beyond?That’s even better.Check out these examples from our “wins” channel inside of the Cashflow Syndicate Discord.

These screenshots are from real people – just like yourself – who joined Cashflow Syndicate making $0 a month, and went on to use our techniques in order to land these retainer deals.From what we’ve seen, Mason’s freelancing masterclass and client retention strategy + David’s sales course and Pipe Bomb outreach strategy has helped more people make their first dollar online than anything else.And that’s only FOUR MODULES out of over 50+ modules that have been posted over the last few months.

Owning an agency requires you to be competent in a certain skillset, and we’ll show you how to do it all.Between the two of us, we have a vast level of experience in:

  • Marketing Fundamentals

  • Copywriting

  • Sales and Closing

  • Client Acquisition

  • Client Retention

  • Email Marketing

And much more that we can’t tell you about just yet.It doesn’t matter what kind of agency you own.Email Marketing, Paid Social, SEO, Google Ads, Lead Generation, etc.There is something in here for you. There is something for you to grasp that’ll allow you to grow bigger.And if you’re already at that level, do it for the tax write-off. This is a business expense.For $9 a week, you’ll have no excuse for not earning more than all of your friends.There’s no reason why you can’t become extremely competent at copywriting, closing deals, email marketing, and acquiring clients when you do exactly what we do.There's even a 19 year old inside who quit his job at KFC and took an amazing risk on himself using what we've taught to land his first sales job, and is now making over $10,000 per month.


Neither of us lay claim to being the absolute best agency owners in the world, the richest, the smartest, or the most successful.We have achieved a meaningful level of success for our age, and there’s nowhere to go but up from here.When choosing a mentor, you shouldn’t choose someone who’s 10 or 20 years ahead of you, making 8-figures a year, and flying private.You should choose someone who’s 2-3 years ahead of you, and growing fast.In the last 12 months, we’ve been in the trenches.We’ve experienced all of the problems you’re currently facing, or about to face soon.We’ve asked ourselves...

  • “Does cold email even work?”

  • “Is my service even good?”

  • “Am I even good at what I do?”

  • “Will this business fail?

In fact, we probably asked ourselves those questions last week.We’re problem solvers, and we’re teaching you everything we know. EVERYTHING.Nothing is being held back, and you’re going to learn everything you need to earn $30-50K in a month.It’s not difficult.As long as you do what we show you.Just click the button and we’ll reveal our secrets. The timer is ticking.

Still not sold?Check out this testimonial video put together by one of our most cherished members, Ken.Absolute legend.He explains exactly what Cashflow Syndicate has done for him and his business, and he’s not alone.There are 300+ people just like him who feel the same way.

As soon as you’re done watching that video, click the button below and get inside.

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